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AP US History (APUSH) Test Prep Class 

Learn the critical historical analysis & synthesis skills needed to succeed on the exam

Winter & Spring 2024

Online Classes - Small Group Classes Via Zoom

Wednesdays 7:45 - 8:45 pm EST (4:45 PST)

January 24 - May 8, 2024 (16 classes)

Tuition: $899

Tuition includes individual essay feedback and practice-test grading conducted outside of class

Class Description

The APUSH crash course is designed for high school students who are taking APUSH at school and want to develop or hone the more advanced concepts and specific skills needed for exam success. Class time is spent practicing essay and multiple choice test questions.

The class offers students comprehensive and rigorous preparation for the AP Exam by supplementing the knowledge gained during your class at school with historical analysis and connection or context-building skills needed for the exam. Class time is focused on reviewing and analyzing the most significant events spanning the nine time periods covered on the exam, practicing exam skills, completing practice questions, and reviewing sample, highly scored essays. The instructor also reviews the scoring rubric published by the AP Board for short and long-response essays. AP exam success derives from critically analyzing history; class time is devoted to walking through related discussions together. 

Note, this is not a full US AP History class, we do not cover all the historical content of the AP curriculum but instead, teach the strategies and techniques needed for critical historical analysis and synthesizing multiple sources. 

Sessions include:

  • Three graded practice tests

  • Multiple-choice question skills and tips

  • Primary and secondary source analysis

  • Discussion of historical developments and processes

  • Learning how to create connections between historical moments or patterns

  • Thesis/Argument development

  • Integrating evidence into writing

  • Feedback on all writing, including short and long essay and document-based questions 

What makes the class great? The instructor - Maggie R. Maggie graduated from UPenn, concentrating in American history, and loves teaching history. She is a dynamic, high-energy teacher who teaches students how to appreciate and love the nuances, implications, and lessons of history as much as she does. All of her students to date have scored a 5 on the exam. When not teaching, she can be found developing AP History curriculum for various online programs, teaching analytic writing classes, walking her donkey on her farm, or hiking up a local mountain. 

Class format: meets online with a live instructor for 1 hour/week for 16 weeks.

Students will receive 1 hour/week of homework that mimics the AP exam.


Adult Students
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