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Essay Writing Classes for Cabrillo Point Academy Students

Write Ahead's Writing classes teach expository or analytic writing strategies, more commonly known as essay or composition writing for both literary and historical analysis. The curriculum spans 4th through 12th grade and follows an evidence-based teaching methodology developed by Columbia Teachers College whereby classes cycle through the full writing cycle.  Each cycle includes explicit writing strategies, tools, and processes that teaches students how to define their argument, develop an outline, translate their outline into a draft, and editing. All lessons are appropriate for the age level and from year-to-year students are taught to improve their ability to critically engage with a text as well as improve the depth of their argument, their utilization of advanced sentence structures and punctuation to convey their intended message. Classes also include grammar lessons. Students typically complete an essay, which comprises a work sample, every 5-7 classes. For additional information, please see a more detailed class description, which includes a summary of the curriculum by grade level, on the Classes page.

All classes are led by a live instructor online using Zoom and a shared Google doc. 

We are proud to share that we have received over 100 testimonials for our writing classes.  To see what students and parents have to say about the program, please feel free to browse through their comments on the Testimonials page.

Write Ahead became a Cabrillo Point approved vendor in February, 2024 and is offering the below 10-week, 10-session class options for Cabrillo Point students. If none of the options work for your schedule, please email to discuss alternative timing.

To register for the March 11 - May 23, 2024 10-week/10-class session, please fill out the enrollment form below in addition to enrolling through the Cabrillo system.

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