Write Ahead class format:

  • 60 minute class 1 day/week, plus optional 15 minutes after class to start homework or receive feedback from instructor

  • Each class will include 1-3 writing strategy lessons, such as:

    • how to develop an insightful thesis statement that will support an essay with meaning and depth

    • strategies to interrogate and strengthen an argument

    • transitions that clarify and build relationships

    • craft analysis to build the reader's understanding

    • integration of quotes

    • powering-up vocabulary

  • The writing strategy lessons will be taught using topics/content that aim to engage the age group, support critical thinking, and/or relate to topics that students are likely to cover in school.  Examples of topics could include:

    • Compare Henry Ford's and Elon Musk's impact on the automotive industry​

    • Contrast Boston Tea Party, as a protest, to March for our Lives

    • Literary Analysis of a Twilight Zone Episode paired with a Psychology Today article about the influence of Groupthink

    • How Native American intelligence is portrayed in various sources

    • Character growth in To Kill a Mockingbird

    • What was the impact of the Bubonic Plague on England's social and economic structure

  • Practice: every 2-3 classes will include an in-class or "cold" write​

    • To practice the writing strategies learned and to help students apply the lesson​s

    • Results are used to set goals for future classes

  • A class can include:

    • Watch a short video related to the day’s topic, viewed twice taking notes on 2nd watch

    • Writing strategy lesson: review framework or guidelines for the days topics, complete a short exercise practicing applying the lesson

    • Guided close read of an exemplar text, discussing how it demonstrates use of the writing strategy

    • Model the full, messy writing process in front of students, to make the thinking that goes into writing observable

    • Group or individual practice exercise writing an outline or paragraph related to the day’s topic

    • Peer review of a student's outline or paragraph

    • 15 minute optional time at the end of class to start homework or 1-on-1 time with the instructor.  Instructor available to review feedback on Write Ahead work or discuss and improve their regular school writing assignments

  • Homework - weekly writing homework to practice and reinforce the techniques from class:

    • Can be completed using the Write Ahead topic or a topic from the student’s regular school homework

    • All homework will receive feedback - whether the topic is the Write Ahead topic or the student's regular school work topic


  • Maximum of 12 students/class

Master writing through structure and practice with fun drills

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