Write Ahead Class Offerings
All classes are led by a live instructor via Zoom.  

Analytic Writing

Persuasive & argument essay writing classes for 3rd-11th graders.

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ISEE + SSAT Test Prep

Comprehensive test preparation class designed to maximize test scores. For 4th - 9th graders. 

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College Application Essays

Narrative writing for expressive and memorable college application essays

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School-year Schedule

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Write Ahead offers expository (develop and prove an argument) writing classes for 3rd-11th graders, a narrative essay for college applications class, and ISEE/SSAT classes for 4th-9th graders

All classes are online

(previously held in Wellesley, MA)

Winter-Spring Schedule & Tuition 

Classes held once/week

January  24, 2022 - June 2, 2022 (17 sessions) 

Summer Schedule & Tuition 

Multiple sessions/offerings

June 27, 2022 - August 19, 2022  

Class Overview

Analytic Writing

Writing classes are focused on expository/analytic writing strategies - developing and proving a claim or thesis.  The strategies taught are most applicable to the writing required for English composition, literary analysis and history  essays. The curriculum follows an evidence-based teaching methodology whereby classes cycle through the full writing cycle (close reading, outlining, writing, revising, editing, scoring).  Each cycle includes explicit writing strategies, tools, and processes appropriate for the age level.  Students typically complete an essay every 4-5 classes. For additional information please see class descriptions at the bottom of this page.  Max of 10 students/class.  

We are proud to share that we have received over 100 testimonials for our writing classes.  To see what students have to say about the program, please feel free to browse through their comments on the Testimonials page.

Continuous Feedback

Feedback on any assignments for school is included in the cost of tuition, and will be provided within 24 hours of being shared with Write Ahead.  High school students tend to be diligent about seeking feedback on assignments prior to due dates, though this benefit is open to all students.   

ISEE/SSAT Test Preparation

The ISEE/SSAT class is a comprehensive test-prep class that covers math, verbal, reading comprehension, and writing.  Classes will cycle through presenting strategies to approach the different types of problems, practicing problems/questions, and reviewing questions answered incorrectly. Please see the ISEE/SSAT Test Prep page for additional information.

Narrative Writing for College Applications

This class guides students through the process of developing a story, based on a personal experience, that could comprise a submission for a college application essay.  The story will reveal their character and personality, delving into experience(s) that influenced them and the resulting evolution of their thinking.  Students will be taught to write about themselves in a manner that is expressive, detailed, revealing and memorable.  See more . . .