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Writing Services for Students Outside of the US

Write Ahead offers a remote skills program focused on persuasive, narrative and expository writing techniques for students outside of the US.  This program is designed to help students all over the world improve their written English organization, coherence and fluency.  In just a few weeks, students see a dramatic difference in their ability to approach writing (planning, drafting, revising) and produce written pieces far more quickly and easily. 

Athletes and musicians master techniques and skills through coaching, drills and practice.  Writers require similar training.  Write Ahead uses a similarly structured and focused approach, using the student’s existing school work assignments, to help them master the skills of writing.

Best-in-class Teaching Method

Write Ahead uses proven teaching methodologies and writing tools, which have demonstrated writing quality improvements in over 200 empirical studies.  

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Tailored Curriculum

Write Ahead develops a tailored lesson plan for each student, based on evaluating a student's writing samples (recent school assignments).  The lesson plan emphasizes the specific writing skills below grade level and is developed by licensed  practitioners with a doctorate (i.e. Ph.D.) in education.

School Assignments as Topics

For high school/GCSE/6th Form students, their regular school homework assignements will be the topic of the Write Ahead lesson.  For example, the lesson may be to interrogate and strengthen arguments in an essay, and this would be taught using their assignment to identify the connection between Adam Smith and laissez-faire economics.  


Measured Results

Write Ahead uses a 20 point scale to measure writing skills along 8-10 criteria, depending on the writing genre and grade level. Writing samples are scored monthly to measure improvement and identify areas of focus.

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The Writing Process

Studies show that students who learn the writing process score better on writing tests, experience improvements in their writing quality and depth, and need less time to complete assignments. They develop writing skills that that can be applied to all subjects.


The writing process involves 5 stages which mirror how proficient writers produce their works.  It breaks the writing process into manageable chunks so students can focus on increasing the quality of their output:

  • Pull apart prompt/Pick ideas (i.e. thesis)

  • Organize

  • Write

  • Edit

  • Revise

The Write Ahead remote teaching program helps students embrace and leverage the process through repeatedly guiding them through these steps throughout the year and across various content areas. 

Write Ahead further improves writing through helping students learn how to translate their critical thinking ideas to coherent and organized written output.  We discuss and debate how to strengthen the important evidence and detailed examination of that evidence in their writing.  We teach students to question the evidence chosen, develop arguments and then interrogate and pull apart their arguments, identify and incorporate counter-arguments, create relationships between their ideas and evidence, and how to organize the output to present it all fluidly.   

Program Format

  • 1-3 video calls/week with the student and the tutor, initially calls will be longer and as writing strengths develop shorter and more frequent interactions are valued

  • Tutor will review and comment on written school work the student sends to the tutor

  • The tutor will partner with the student to help the student use and realize the benefits of the proper writing process

  • The tutor will support the student in using specific tools or scaffolds to help improve their writing as needed.  Tools range from exemplar texts, wording that lends itself well to a specific genre of writing, argument templates and frameworks, and revision strategies. 

  • During conference calls, feedback on outlines and drafts will be discussed, a plan for how best to approach and structure upcoming assignments will be developed, and any writing tools to help with these assignments will be presented.


The program will develop a student's writing capabilities to improve the quality of his/her output and make the writing process faster. 


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