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Building foundational writing and critical thinking skills, with a load of fun!

Excel in High School

Enjoy Writing

Improve Grades

Organized Thoughts

Critical Thinking

Honors & AP Classes

SAT & ACT Improvements

Ability to Persuade

Happy Student

What is Write Ahead?

Write Ahead is an after-school and summer writing program offering the following live, online (synchronous) classes:

  • analytic (expository or persuasive and argument essay) writing classes for grades 4-11

  • college application essay classes

  • ISEE/SSAT test preparation classes

  • AP US History and AP English complex argument classes (AP test preparation classes)

We build foundational skills to master writing and critical thinking using a structured, evidence-based, and proven teaching methodology developed by Columbia Teachers College, to better prepare students for the writing challenges of high school and beyond.  Write Ahead is based in Wellesley, MA.

Write Ahead is Fun!

A universal truth: if a supplemental class is boring, students will seek distractions.  Write Ahead engages students using provocative topics that encourage critical thinking, and interactive lessons. Topics could include:

Raising Hands

Systematic Approach

Athletes and musicians master techniques and skills through coaching, drills, and practice.  Writers require training too and learn best with a similarly structured and focused approach.  Write Ahead:

  • Develops the foundations of cohesive writing skills (such as the writing process, a thesis with depth, organization, effective evidence selection)

  • Guides and inspires students with exemplar texts by peers as well as professionals

  • Models the full, messy writing process to make the thinking that goes into writing observable

  • Provides frameworks (tools and explicit set of steps to follow when writing)

  • Develops mastery through fun, repeated practice  drills

  • Offers feedback from an encouraging and supportive coach

Explicit Writing Instruction Aligned with How Children Naturally Learn

Why Write Ahead?

Clear writing is becoming a “lost art” for many progressing into high school and adulthood due to competing priorities in public schools and our social media society. Social media doesn’t support the use of full sentences, even less so persuasive or expository writing. Writing is a core skill needed at all stages in life, not only to succeed in secondary school and university, but throughout one’s career no matter the field.

Throughout school, those with excellent writing skills will stand out in English and history classes, excel in SAT writing exams and on college applications.  They become effective debaters to propel them into leadership roles early on. Beyond high school, writing becomes critical in college and at the workplace to become an effective communicator and leader.  Students deserve to learn the skills to drive success.

At Write Ahead, students will learn expository and persuasive writing skills with engaging content and personalized feedback.

Teaching Students to Write with Organization, Clarity, and Purpose


“Write Ahead has an exemplary and clear writing curriculum that is laser-focused on providing students with the tools, guidance and process to write well.


My son tried other writing classes and this is the only one he felt really improved his writing.  The instructor was responsible and sent us detailed emails about every class to help us understand the class. Thank you Ms. Hillary!”

9th Grade Parent, 

Lexington, MA

May 2019


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