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5th & 6th Grade Persuasive Tuesdays 4:15pm April 2 - June 4

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Send progress updates and class communications?

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Write Ahead may record classes for instructor development, curriculum evaluation and marketing materials.  As a participant of Write Ahead you agree that footage and pictures may be used for promotional material.

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Write Ahead may use exemplary student writing in marketing material, or to demonstrate to peers what they could strive to accomplish.  As a participant of Write Ahead you agree to let Write Ahead use your child's output, anonymously. 

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I agree to pay the tuition of $549 to enroll my child in the class.  Currently Write Ahead only accepts payment via check.  Payment in full is due by April 16.  Please mail payment, written to Write Ahead, to: Write Ahead, 34 Willow St, Wellesley, MA 02481, or your child can bring it to class.

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Write Ahead strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with the class, you can cancel at any time and will receive a prorated refund of the tuition.

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There are risks inherent in participating in Write Ahead. These risks include the risk of bodily harm and property damage or loss. Being fully cognizant of the risks, I hereby assume those risks. Except to the extent due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Write Ahead, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, I hereby waive and release any claims or causes of action against Write Ahead. I hold harmless Write Ahead, against any and all claims resulting from such participation.

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